About Us

Mike Fry

Hi, I’m Michael Fry, Mike to my friends. As the owner of TERMdog.com, a service of  Steward Financial Services, I want to help you find the best price on the best policy that best meets your term life insurance needs.

As a financial & insurance advisor since 1987, I understand your need to find the easiest, most affordable and most reliable insurance solutions. My associates, David Bankston and Trent Davis, and I know the insurance field. We know your concern is to find term life insurance at the lowest price possible with no sales pressure and no hassles. That’s why we’re here.

As Top Dog in the term life insurance field, my goal is to be able to communicate complex insurance concepts to my clients using terms that the average person can easily comprehend. I want to  help you truly understand your insurance needs and how the proper insurance will provide you and your family with ongoing security.

And in choosing David and Trent to help me reach that goal, I believe I’ve added tremendously to TERMdog’s skillset and knowledge.

Dave Bankston CPA, is an experienced financial & insurance advisor with a heart for helping people better understand the complex language of life insurance, annuities, and other concepts through financial consulting and education. He and I have worked together for many years assisting our clients in this important area.

Trent Davis comes to TERMdog after having mentored hundreds of successful financial advisors, agencies and marketing companies with an understanding of the advisors’ need for a consumer friendly approach in our ever-changing economy. Trent sincerely believes that “If the consumer is happy, everyone is happy.” And his goal is to do what he can to ensure that happiness for TERMdog clients.

This understanding and experience is what makes TERMdog stand out from all the other term life insurance sites you may encounter.

Most other term life websites are owned by Internet marketers or entrepreneurs. Those sites simply collect leads that they, in turn, sell to insurance agents. And they’ll sell those leads to the first agent with cash, regardless of the client’s need. You, as a prospective client, could be “sold” to someone brand new in the business, or to someone you know absolutely nothing about.

When you deal with TERMdog, on the other hand, you know you’ll receive help from trustworthy, experienced insurance advisors. That’s a major distinction.

As insurance professionals, the TERMdog pack will counsel you and guide you all the way through the insurance buying process. And as the owner of TERMdog, I will do my best to ensure your questions are answered and your life insurance needs are met.

I want to do more than sell you insurance. I want to be your best friend for life.