How Do I Choose an Insurance Company?

While many of my customers are concerned about the cost of life insurance, not everyone realizes the vast differences in individual life insurance companies.

Have you considered the financial strength of the life insurance company you plan to do business with?

What about their customer service?

Or their ability to answer any questions you may have about life insurance and your personal insurance needs?

If you purchased your life insurance policy through an Internet term life insurance quoting machine, or if you didn't consider all of the factors involved when a life insurance company sets your premium, you may not have the right life insurance policy to meet your needs. But with some planning, you may be able to improve the life insurance policy you already own.

Let me tell you a dirty little secret about most online life insurance quoting websites... These sites want you to think that they can answer your questions such as “What is the average price of life insurance?” or "How much life insurance do I really need?"

In reality, what many of these life insurance websites are doing is simply selling your personal information to the first insurance agent who'll pay their fee. And that means any agent.

The insurance agent who purchases your contact information may inexperienced or even unaware of all of the factors involved in determining the best life insurance policy and premium for you. And you could be the one to end up paying for that lack of experience and knowledge!

Insurance companies can have as many as eight different rate classes, and an additional ten substandard rate classes, that come into play when new clients approach them for life insurance quotes.

As an insurance adviser, I've found that most people who were quoted a life insurance premium from an agent without all of the pertinent facts were misquoted by as much as three to five rate classes. That creates a huge difference in your insurance costs!

That's why it's so important that many different factors be taken into consideration when your agent is preparing your life insurance quote. You deserve an insurance agent who will work diligently to meet your life insurance needs. Don't settle for anything less.

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