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NAPERVILLE, IL--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - A revolutionary new process allows consumers to compare term life insurance costs online just as they would auto insurance -- quickly, conveniently and in the comfort of their own home. Better yet, promises that they will never sell consumers' contact information.

Until recently, finding affordable life insurance online was very difficult. Websites promised "online term life insurance quotes" but did not deliver. Instead, they simply collected customer information and sold it to the highest bidder. Unwary consumers were besieged with annoying salespeople constantly calling, mailing and in some cases even knocking on their doors.

That has all changed with the introduction of The site checks term life insurance rates at more than 100 companies to ensure that customers receive the best prices. Rates can be up to 70% the price that consumers are currently paying. Results are customized for each buyer, taking into account the customer's age, location, sex and other important factors.

Consumers are understandably intimidated by the process of locating affordable life insurance. While many websites have promised to streamline the process, none of them delivered until now. eliminates the need for a buyer to contact dozens of insurance companies, get term life insurance quotes from all of them and compare price and coverage.

Even more important, using ensures that consumers will never be hassled by high-pressure insurance sales techniques. is the brainchild of Naperville, Illinois insurance agent Michael Fry. After years in the insurance industry, Fry realized that the websites available to give consumers term life insurance quotes just weren't good enough. They promised too much and delivered too little. That's why he created

Michael Fry is a father of three who is active in his church and community events including Junior Achievement. For more interviews or more information see or contact him at 630-393-6500.

For more information contact: Michael Fry 1730 Park Street, Suite 218 Naperville, IL 60563 630-393-6500

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