Application Process For Your New Term Life Insurance Policy

We know you have a lot of choices when buying a term life insurance policy, and we are very happy that you have chosen to purchase your term life insurance policy through TERMdog. Over years of experience in the life insurance business we have streamlined our procedures to make applying for insurance simple and painless as possible.

There are five simple steps that we will follow in completing your application to process your life insurance policy as quick as possible.

You provide the information to begin the application process

  1. TERMdog will confirm the information it receives from you.
  2. You submit the application and provide a deposit, if applicable. A medical examination is scheduled and completed (if required).
  3. The insurance company will review and underwrite the term life insurance policy.
  4. TERMdog will receive the accepted term life insurance policy from the company and mail your policy to you.

1. You Provide the Information Needed to Begin the Process

  • Complete/submit the online insurance quote to find plans suitable for you.
  • Select the carrier and plan that best suits your needs.
  • Complete on the request application  button. This lets TERMdog know that is the term life insurance policy you want.  If you prefer to complete the process by telephone, please call 630-393-6500 and one of our licensed agents will take your information by phone, present you with term life insurance quotes and help you select the right term life insurance plan for you.

2. A TERMdog agent gets the application process underway

  • We call you before the close of the next business day to complete the application and verify the information we received and make sure that the product selected suits your needs.
  • We will send you the application by Express Mail, fax or by e-mail, within two business days.
  • We will contact a medical representative in your area who will contact you to schedule a time for your physical examination.  This appointment is essential to getting the application completed and on to the insurance company.

3. Your medical examination is scheduled and completed, this is paid for by the selected insurance company (if required). It is very important that you watch what you eat the 12 hours before your exam and drink water. You complete the application and hand it to the medical examiner, in some cases you will mail it back to my office in the postage paid envelope.

  • Complete the yellow highlighted areas on the application and any supplemental forms.  If you have any questions, please contact us through the customer service tab at or call us at 630-393-6500 and we will be glad to help
  • Some states require a signed insurance illustration.  If this is included in your package, please sign it.  You must return it with your application.
  • You may want to conditionally bind your coverage and if so, please include a check or credit card number for the premium amount you have selected.  If you have questions about the benefit of binding the policy please contact us through the customer service tab at or call us at 630-393-6500.
  • Give your completed application to the medical examiner.  The examiner will submit the examination to the insurance company with the medical results and will send the application to TERMdog.

4. The Insurance Company will review and Underwrite The Term Life Insurance Policy

  • THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: As part of the process, the insurance company may contact your physician for an attending physician's report because of some prior health history. You can help expedite this step by calling your doctor and ask they reply promptly to request for information from the life insurance company.
  • The Underwriting Process generally takes the insurance company about four to six (4-6) weeks after the exam is completed and your application is submitted.  The most common delays are due to incomplete answers on your application and the time needed for the company to obtain medical information from your physician. We will update you during the processing, but if you have any questions about the status of your term life insurance application, please contact us through the customer service tab at or call us at 630-393-6500.

5. TERMdog Will Obtain and Mail Your Term Life Insurance Policy to You.

  • When the insurance company has completed it underwriting review, the insurance company will contact TERMdog concerning how they have rated and priced your policy.  We have access to a professional underwriter that will work hard for you to get the best term life insurance policy possible, and we will contact you immediately if there is a difference in rates.
  • We will forward your policy to you as soon as we receive it in our office.
  • Your initial premium payment (unless you included it with your application) and any other final delivery requirements will be requested when we send your policy.  Your future premium payments will be sent directly to the life insurance policy.

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